A brand new venue in the heart of Fort Worth, TX

There’s a new destination for your new and improved International Conference! Located at the crossroads of Fort Worth’s downtown and world-renowned Cultural District, The Crescent Hotel is a natural fit for an iconic event like IC24. Book now for a discounted room block rate!

The perfect home for #IC24

With striking exteriors, fashionable interiors, and a modern collection of artwork and cuisine, The Crescent is the ideal setting for indoor and outdoor activities, with over 14,000 square feet of flexible space.
A blend of hotel accommodations, offices, and wellness clubs will allow our visitors to connect and unwind while they learn new strategies and tips to lead their rental business to future success.

From its mood-lit balconies to spotless bars, this upscale hotel is the perfect spot for parties, meetings, and conferences – in short, it’s perfect for #IC24.

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